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How can i get the status of SMS sent via whisper API

    • Anusan
    • Topic created 4 years ago

    Hi There,

    I am using C# sample in http://developer.whispir.com/forum/read/160836 to send the SMS. Once I send the message, I got the following message. "Your request has been accepted for processing", is there any way I can get the status of this request little later?

    Regards, Anusan

    Message edited by Anusan 4 years ago

  1. Jordan Walsh4 years ago

    Hi Anusan,

    You can easily retrieve the Message Status information using the Whispir API.

    The way to do this is described in the documentation here: http://developer.whispir.com/docs/read/Understanding_Message_Status

    Unfortunately, I don't have a C# sample to perform this action. But you should be able to model the existing example to retrieve the status for a sent message.

    I hope this information helps.



  2. Anusan4 years ago

    Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for you response.

    Do you have a sample GET request to get the status of the messages sent on a time frame, for example Get the status of the SMS sent on 01/08/2014 ? I don't need to download all the statuses.

    Regards, Anusan

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