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Automatic notifications on callback failures

  1. As part of our continuous improvement programme, and as a result of customer feedback, the Whispir API team has introduced a new feature within API callbacks.

    Users can now be automatically notified via Email in the event an API Callback has not processed as expected.

    Whispir will automatically send an email in the following circumstances:

    1. If the Callback Server returns anything other than an HTTP 200 OK.
    2. If the authorization to the Callback Server fails (e.g. returns an HTTP 400 level error)
    3. If the Callback Server does not connect within 5 seconds.
    4. If the Callback Server does not return a response within 60 seconds.

    In any of these events, Whispir will send an email that resembles the following:

    Dear Customer,
    Your callback <callback_id> failed on <date> with response: <response>.
    The callback that failed is as follows:
    URL: http://yourserver/callback.php?auth=12345
    Location: https://api.whispir.com/messages/ABC4857BCCF484575FCA
    Name: Fred Waters
    Mobile: 0430984567
    Email: imacros@test.com
    Channel: SMS
    Content: Yes, I accept. Will I need to bring steel cap boots?
    Please take the necessary steps to ensure your callback is configured correctly.
    If this callback URL continues to fail, Whispir may remove this until the service is resolved.
    Whispir Support

    If you make no changes to your existing callbacks, these emails will be sent to your nominated Whispir Company Administrator.

    If you would like to set the email address to receive these notifications, please update your Callback Settings within the Whispir Platform. You can check the documentation http://developer.whispir.com/docs/read/Whispir_API_Callbacks to find more information on how to do this.

    For further information on using Callbacks within your application, please contact apisupport@whispir.com or post to this forum.



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