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Use api to create contacts and add to distribution groups

    • Rich
    • Topic created 4 years ago

    is it possible to create and maintain contacts (including adding/removing them from distribution lists) using the API?

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  1. Jordan Walsh4 years ago

    You can do both of these. The 'Using Contacts' page http://developer.whispir.com/docs/read/Using_Contacts describes how you can create, update and delete contacts.

    The Distribution Lists documentation has not been completely written up, but essentially you can create a distribution list with the following POST:

    1. POST /distributionlists
    2. Content-Type: application/vnd.whispir.distributionlist-v1+json
    3. Authorization: Basic abcbdiweoddf89340290dfd==
    5. {
    6.     "name" : "my distribution list",
    7.     "description" : "my distribution list",
    8.     "access" : "Open",
    9.     "visibility" : "Public",
    10.     "contactIds" : "C4CB3AB34DB251C9,5B3DC2C3E375A2AE",
    11.     "userIds" : "B9D81E7B7F524911",
    12.     "distListIds" : "A735ACAC476EB423"
    13. }

    The Visibility can only be set to either "Private" or "Public". This refers to who can self subscribe to your distribution lists within the Contact Portal.

    Distribution List Access can be "Open", "ByApproval", "ViewOnly" or "Restricted"

    I hope this helps. I'll try and update the documentation to more specifically explain how distribution lists can be utilised.



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