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Author Rich Push Messages using the API

  1. Using the Whispir API, you can now transform your conversations through one of Whispir's newest features: Rich Push Messaging. This feature allows organisations to provide greater levels of customer experience and stakeholder engagement.

    Whispir's Rich Push Message (RPM) feature provides you with the capability to seamlessly 'push' HTML content to your audience. This can be in the form of a simple web page, to a mini web application with interactive widgets such as a video, visualisation, or map.

    RPM Example

    The Personalisation API allows you to tailor the content for each person who receives an RPM. You can even elicit canned responses from your audience.

    Read through the documentation here and let us know if you've got any questions or feedback!

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  2. Rich5 years ago

    Hi Jordan,

    We are interested in the rich push messaging, but it is not clear what is actually required in order to use this, or how we go about setting it up. The live api documentation http://developer.whispir.com/io-docs doesn't seem to have an example of using the rich push notification. Is there somewhere else that I can see a demonstration of this that I should be looking?

    A few questions on the rich push notification: Is there an app that needs to be installed on the smartphone in order to receive a push message? Does the browser need to be running on the mobile device in order to receive a push notification? What happens if you don't have an active internet connection when the message is pushed? Will the message come through when the internet connection is restored? How do you create a rich push message? I can't see an option to create one in the workspaces, nor can I find details in the api documentation

    Thanks in advance

  3. Jordan Walsh5 years ago

    Hi Rich,

    I'll tackle your questions one at a time:

    The Rich Push Notification in the example above is simply an SMS. So any device that can receive an SMS and has an internet capability can receive a Rich Push Message.

    The only apps that are required are the natively installed SMS App, and a supported Browser (e.g. safari, chrome, android browser).

    The browser does not need to be running to receive a notification as it is an SMS with an embedded URL, but in order to open the URL, you will need internet connectivity.

    If you don't have an active internet connection, your phone will simply advise you of this fact. You will be able to access the URL once your phone has connected to 3/4G or a WiFi.

    Rich Push messages can be crafted by you using a simple HTML editor, or Whispir has Template Packages that can be purchased and we can create them for you based on your use cases.

    I'm in the process of authoring a guide that will go into the documentation here, but I think the easiest way to get started with Rich Push Messaging is to add some HTML into the 'web' section of your message, and include the following tag in your SMS component @@web_link@@. An example is as follows:

    POST /messages?apikey=abc123
    Authorization: Basic abbcuecebic0c890cd89hc
    Content-Type: application/vnd.whispir.message-v1+json
        "subject":"RPM Demo Message.",
        "body" : "This is my RPM. @@web_link@@",
        "web" : {
            "body" : "<div id='content'><p>This is my content</p></div>",
            "type" : "text/html"

    That will at least get you started. Once I've updated the guide, you will be able to get a bit more advanced with your functionality.

    Let me know how you go.



  4. Rich5 years ago

    Hi Jordan,

    I have attempted to send a message using the API and the code that you have included above, but the tag @@web_link@@ doesn't seem to be replaced. Tag replacement is working, as I can include the tag @@month@@, and it is replaced correctly, but @@web_link@@ is ignored, and comes through as text. I notice that this tag is also not included on the advanced messaging documentation page http://developer.whispir.com/docs/read/Advanced_Messaging, so not sure if this tag is in a version that is not avialable to us or something like that?

    I have also tried using the code that you emailed me - I have created a template using the HTML that you sent through, and have attempted to send a message using the messageTemplateId, but it keeps giving me an error "The remote server returned an error: (422) Unprocessable Entity."

    Any ideas?

  5. Jordan Walsh5 years ago

    Hi Rich,

    It seems the @@web_link@@ resolution hasn't been enabled in your account. This is due to the way that your existing contact portal is configured.

    I'll get the team to investigate further and give you a call to discuss.

    With regards to the other code, I'll get you to email that through the body of the request to support@whispir.com and we can solve it there.



  6. Rich5 years ago

    Hi Jordan,

    In regard to other code, I have managed to get an SMS to be added to the queue by posting the body below: { "to":"61xxxxxxx", "subject":"Should be rich content", "messageTemplateId":"1A8943E317D38DC5" } it turns out I was using the wrong message template id (when you view a template in the whispir website, there is a "templateid" parameter in the querystring, which apparently doesn't correspond to the template id - I had to retrieve the template id using the api calls first).

    When using the above, the message shows up as sent, and yet it is never received. (I have also tried it without including the subject)

    I am able to send a simple sms message by posting the code shown below, and it is received correctly (both are being sent to a Sony Xperia smartphone). { "to":"61xxxxxxx", "subject":"Should be rich content", "body":"here is the body" }

    Clearly I am missing something with how this is meant to work?

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