Whispir API Features

The Whispir API makes it possible for developers to take their multichannel application idea from sketch to launch in less time, with less complexity.

The API has been designed to provide application developers the ability to embed any feature of the Whispir Platform into any cloud-based web application.

Developers have access to retrieve any of the resources from within Whispir, create new resources, update or delete existing resources, and configure the relationships between them.

These create, read, update and delete actions are all facilitated using our RESTful, HTTP based architecture.

  • Simplified multichannel message delivery
  • Capability to build interactive two-way applications, with pre-defined response options
  • Support for branded messages using templates, simplifying development and design
  • Group messaging and escalation with distribution lists using contact information securely stored in the cloud
  • Effective management and traceability of your communications through historical auditing and real-time reporting
  • Easy integration of billing, auditing and reporting interfaces into your current system

Multichannel Messaging

The Whispir API gives developers the ability to:

  • Create, send and retrieve multi-channel messages over 8 different channels
  • Invoke scenario based communications for quick, effective and targeted communications
  • Publish messages to internal or external web pages, RSS feeds and social networks
  • View all responses to a given message and perform analysis on the data

Contact Management

The Whispir API provides developers with the ability to manage the recipients of their messages:

  • Store contact information in a cloud based highly available and accessible environment
  • Use standards based methods to create, update, and delete contact information
  • Build forms to allow contacts to self-register and manage their account, with auto-generated email notifications
  • Create, update and delete distribution lists that can be accessed for messaging at a later date

Event Management

The Whispir API enables Events to be created and communications associated with those events:

  • Invoke communications to pre-defined lists of people containing information about an event
  • Allow developers to retrieve, create and update events and store these in a centralised location for all authorised users to access
  • Retrieve the current profile of an event
  • Allow users to publish or un-publish event information to a dashboard

Online Administration

Whispir’s Adminstration Module provides a login to the Whispir Platform that provides you a web interface that enables you to:

  • Create, register, update, and delete message templates
  • Create, update and delete response rules
  • Configure specific messaging options on contacts