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Publish to one or more Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages simultaneously. Perfect for organisations that operate multiple social media accounts.

We use the latest in text to speech technology. You'll be surprised at the quality.

We use local providers worldwide, so our SMS service is reliable wherever you are.

Send to 8
different channels
with a single call

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What you'll love about Whispir…


Send to thousands of people at once

Create distribution lists from scratch or integrate with your existing systems (like Microsoft Exchange Server contacts).

Whispir also supports dynamically created lists based on search rules.


Easily manage message responses

Whispir is designed for two-way communication. Set up keyword matching to automatically process large amounts of responses or even run simple polls.


Integrate with your existing systems

Trigger template based messages automatically from other systems with event driven messaging.

The Whispir Rules Engine works by searching for relevant keywords within the structure of an email, SMS, RSS feed, social media or web content.


Unprecedented reliability and security

Whispir was built for business critical communications.

You can rely on the fact that your message can get through across multiple messaging and publishing channels.

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Whispir API is provided throught the Mashery website. You need a Mashery ID to get started.

Go to Mashery registration

Each call to the API requires a key which identifies you.

Register for an API key now

You can run real methods in your browser to learn how the API works.

View live documentation

There's no subscription fee, you only pay for the messages you send. More details on pricing will be available online soon.

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